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After spending years as an Interior Designer for the San Francisco/Bay Area luxury market, I decided to shift focus to a career in hospitality and events. I began my events journey working for Bay Area’s leading catering company, Paula LeDuc Fine Catering.

With well over a decade of experience in the events and design industry, I am proud to say I remain humbled and inspired. Growing in experience, I have planned, produced and designed events ranging in size from a few attendees to thousands. These opportunities have allowed me to work on a number of events with celebrities and political figures. 

I am proud to call myself a wife, a mother of two beautiful kiddos and an entrepreneur. When I am not busy planning the next special event, you can catch me fueling my passion for family, food, and life through cooking, dining out, or laughing with family and friends. 

A creative and inspired event strategist, who’s focused on the creative exploration of how to perfectly blend an event’s purpose with both the design and the guest experience. I hope you find my unique vision, easy going approach and ability to enliven environments invaluable to your next event.

- L